Pink Diamonds

lightbox_single_roseGianni Vincent honors survivors, those we lost, and loved ones with pink diamonds during October

Pink. A color that is prominent during the month of October. It reminds us of the special ladies in our lives that have struggled with breast cancer. Whether it’s your mother, sister, daughter, or wife you do not want to see them struck with breast cancer. Every community hosts events for awareness and fundraisers. Our event is coming up soon. We invite you to join us!

Pink. A color more rare in a diamond than a white (colorless) diamond, although diamonds come in several colors. Pink diamonds received attention for their beauty after Jennifer Lopez received a pink diamond engagement ring.

pink pearOnly one in 10,000 diamonds possess natural color, and most are purchased almost exclusively for their intensity. They are so rare, yet so gorgeous, highly technical treatments have been developed to give white (or colorless) diamonds the same brilliant color. The treatments are so sophisticated, most people can’t tell whether a diamond has been treated or not. With color that lasts a lifetime, the treated diamonds are less expensive than naturally colored diamonds and look just as beautiful!

Some of the colors you may find are pink, yellow, steel grey, green, blue (such as the famous 45 carat Hope Diamond), and black. Colored diamonds are graded differently than white diamonds mainly valued on their intensity (the greater the intensity, the more valuable) and the distribution of color (showing how the stone reflects the beauty of the light). We have a beautiful selection of pink diamonds in stock to present to your special someone who is even more rare than a colored diamond.

Our knowledgeable staff will work with you to choose a beautiful piece for the special lady in your life. We at Gianni Vincent Jewellers will educate you on the intensity and distribution of color helping you choose the perfect pink diamond that fits your budget. If a pink diamond doesn’t fit your needs for the occasions in your life, our store carries a wide selection of other fine jewelry since 1977. During the month of October Gianni Vincent is partnering with Kattan Diamonds and Jewelry to support the Susan G Komen Foundation. We invite you to stop in to view our expanded selection of pink diamonds during this event.

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